What you'll accomplish

This course is easy to take and once you're finished, you'll be better at sales than most professional salespeople. The practical tools from the How to Lovingly Close the Sale framework will teach you:

  • How to engage in sales conversations that feel natural and kind

  • How to position yourself as a helpful guide in your customer's life

  • How to close more sales without feeling like you sold anything

  • Easy and natural talking points for use in casual conversations that ultimately get customers to buy your products

Course curriculum

Broken down into 10 quick and easy chapters, this MasterClass is perfect for a busy schedule.

  1. Welcome! Let's get started

  2. Part 1: Sales are the nourishment to all business

  3. Part 2: The client is the hero and you are the guide

  4. Part 3: The Client is the Hero sales script

  5. Part 4: Problems clients are facing

  6. Part 5: Positioning your product as the solution

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 10 Quick & Easy Chapters


Gayle Praechtl

Founder & CEO NewMed Concepts

As a certified Business Made Simple coach in the aesthetic industry I get a tremendous sense of joy sharing and guiding others in the field. My strong sense of purpose is to help professionals like you discover their value and make more money so they can do what they love.

Discover your value & make more money so you have the freedom to do what you love.